Creativity . Tech . Innovation

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Creativity . Tech . Innovation

There’s a difference between creativity and innovation.. Few realize it but here at Capefield, we got hard at work to dissecting (banging away at the keyboard on these two words..




[mass noun]

  • the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness:firms are keen to encourage creativity




[mass noun]

  • the action or process of innovating.
  • [count noun] a new method, idea, product, etc.:technological innovations designed to save energy

But we were far from satisfied so we went even further (finally got down to actual research) just for you.. And we everything seemed to point to our first discovery as the best definition..

So why Well, being creative means you have ideas.. Ideas that have probably only struck one percent of the human race. Ideas of great solutions, or design. But they simply exist in your mind. So what of innovation? Now this is your idea becoming a reality. A working solution that stemmed from the idea. Something that can be seen and has been worked on. We here at Capefield believe that using technology as the means, we can have creativity become innovation. Technology serves as the bridge to make a safer society, to keep governments more accountable and simply help you exercise your right to information.

We come up with an idea, get down to working on it (using tech) and create an innovation. It doesn’t matter the field, there will always be a better way of doing it.


  1. Hi , can i participate in this ANDROID DEVELOPER contest ? Please , am very eagered in Android . Can anyone tell what is the procedure of developing apps here ?

    • Hi, just look out for the contests online. As for how to develop, you should be able to find a lot of resources online with a big chunk on Happy coding. :)

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